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Share Your Story and Enjoy Art

On Saturday, September 17th, from 2:00pm - 5:00 pm the public is being asked to dust off those old family photos, or antiques and bring them out and share the story behind them.

 On September 24, 2011, we will also be celebrating the musical legacy of Gil Scott Heron also from 2:00pm to 5pm.

Come out and dance and party!!

Share Your Story and Gil Scott Heron Day are free events in conjunction with the From the Slave Ship to the White House art exhibition - the event is all about the journey African Americans have made historically and personally.  What is your story? 
This art exhibition houses works by artists from Harlem, Brooklyn, the Bronx and Tennesee.  The thoughts and feelings of the artists made visual will surely inspire you to think more about your place in the world.  Participating artists are John Van Means, Mikki Powell, Katrina Jeffries, Kay Reese, Louis NIeves, Susann Hogue, Richard Baker, Connie Herron, Patricia Cartledge, Anthony Newton, Francia McCormack Wllson, Robert Daniels, Peter Choroa and Anton.

Oftentimes what was just a picture snapped in the past can turns out to be a photographic work of art.  The same is true of objects passed down from family member to family member - from salt and pepper shakers to Aunt Millie's kitchen apron, from a detailed tapestry to an old lamp.  What do you have in your possession that tells the story of your family's journey?  What are your Roots?

The Antique Trader Television Program and the Blackwash Televised Art Gallery will be taping your stories to air on Bronxnet.  
Also a mini documentary, "Unsung Heroes", will be shown for those interested.   Pennsylvania brothers Brian and Brett Thompson rode the Amateur class motorcross circuit beginning in 1971.   Brian Thompson turned Pro in the '80's and accomplished a winning streak that built him a fan base on the East coast.  Retired now, he was featured in RacerX Magazine's 9th Anniversary issue as one of the two origiinal professional African American racers in light of the fact that the current World Champion, James Bubba Stuart, is African American. See you on our fun September Saturdays.

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